ASP Agent Baton

Discrete Concealment and Rapid Presentation

The combination of discreet concealment and rapid presentation makes Agent Batons an ideal impact weapon for administrators, investigators and undercover operatives. Available in 40 or 50 cm lengths. The Agent is retracted with a simple push of the cap.

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Triad USB by ASP

Simply Brilliant

This micro USB rechargeable light produces a brilliant 300 lumens and has a continuous run time of three hours. Dual Fuel Technology allows use of two CR123A primary cells.

ASP AutoKey

Simple and Sleek Folding Handcuff Key

The handcuff key is released by depressing the ASP Strike Force logo button. A double lock pin is exposed by pushing the double lock slide forward. Each AutoKey is fashioned from precision machined, heat treated stainless steel. As with all ASP handcuff keys, these are the toughest keys in the industry.

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LockWrite Pen Key

From the reality of the street.

The LockWrite Pen from ASP combines the two most frequently used police tools, a pen and handcuff key, into a single design. Produced from 4140 steel, each key is precision machined, heat treated, polished and plated. The LockWrite is available with gold, silver or black accents.

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