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Active Response Training: Pepper Spray- How to Choose it and How to Use it

" Many of the questions I receive from students involve the use of chemical sprays.  It seems that nearly everyone carries or is contemplating the carrying of some type of Mace or chemical irritant.  Accurate information about the selection and use of these chemicals exists, but it is often difficult to find truth in the sea of lies and misinformation promulgated by the chemical manufacturers.  This article will provide a simple step-by-step formula for selecting, carrying, and using a chemical spray deterrent." View Original Article Here

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Knives Illustrated: ASP Talon Infinity Baton

Having a non-lethal protection option is always a good idea and a baton is one of the simplest tools you can have for that job. When it comes to collapsible batons, one name stands out from all the rest – ASP. View Original Article Here

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PMCI: ASP XT DF Handheld Light

"Perhaps my favorite light currently on the market for multiple reasons, is the ASP XT DF Light. We all know one of the cardinal rules of firearms safety is "Know your target and what lies beyond it". THAT DOES NOT CHANGE IN THE DARK!" View Original Article Here

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Talking Lead: Spectrum DF

"We are back from our Caribbean Cruise Birthday Celebration! Joining Lefty on this episode is Michael Hess with ASP USA to introduce their new feature rich flashlight called The Spectrum DF." Listen to Episode Here

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