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News The Revolution Baton Scabbard

"Inspired by the level three retention handgun holsters preferred by most officers and major agencies, the Revolution Scabbard offers the speed, protection and durability of an open-top polymer case, with the enhanced retention and security of a covered scabbard. It features a semi-rigid retention strap that releases with a quick downward push, and pivots clear of the baton grip for instant, unimpeded access and deployment…replace the baton and rotate the cover back to vertical, and it snaps securely back into its retention position." View Original Article Here

Read more The Spectrum DF LED Tactical Flashlight

"The Spectrum is the company’s first-ever multi beam-color tactical flashlight. In addition to its primary white light, it offers red, green and blue beams, as well as a low level and strobe, for a total of six total modes. The high white mode is always the default, while any of the others can be user-programmed as a secondary level, activated with a double-tap of the tail switch." View Original Article Here

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NAUMD: Armament Systems & Procedures

"In response to the global pandemic, law enforcement now require disposable restraints as part of their critical personal protective equipment. ASP rapidly responded with our ASP Tri-Fold Disposable Restraints COVID-19 Preparedness Bundle Program." View Original Article Here

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"Having a non-lethal protection option is always a good idea and a baton is one of the simplest tactical EDC items you can have for that job. When it comes to collapsible batons, one name stands out from all the rest — ASP. They’ve been in the business for over 60 years and are carried by law enforcement, security and military personnel around the globe. Despite being a legacy player in the security field, they continue to innovate — including their batons." View Original Article Here

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